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CSS Core

This test will assess your skill using basic Cascading Style Sheets features.
30 minute time limit
25 Questions

This test will present you with 25 randomly-selected questions, broken into two pages. The first page will contain 15 questions on basic features of CSS. The second page will contain 10 questions on slightly trickier aspects of the CSS language. All questions count equally toward your final score.

  • To pass, you need to answer at least 80% of questions correctly
  • For each question, select the answer you think is most correct, or fill in the blank.
  • You can skip questions, change your answers, and move back and forth between pages.
  • When you’re done, click ‘Submit’ to complete the test and see your results.
  • Once you begin this test, you will have 30 minutes to complete it.
  • You’ll get a score out of 100%. You will not get to see which questions you got wrong.
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