About Us

Launched in October 2014, Sit the Test is a project of Avalanche Technology Group, a company based in Melbourne, Australia. The team behind the site brings many years of experience in web development, technical publishing and online learning.

Sit the Test’s mission is to give skilled developers an easy way to “show what they know”, to prove to employers and to their colleagues their level of skill with each of the many technologies that go into web development, mobile development, and related disciplines.

In building Sit the Test, we created a modern platform for making and taking online tests. We’re eager to open that up to the rest of the world as soon as it’s ready. Fill out the form on our home page if you’d like to be among the first to try it.

The Team

Peter Cameron (Founder) lives and breathes business. He’s worked in the IT industry since before computers were invented and has a knack for creating successful businesses and forging unbeatable partnerships. Peter’s experience and hard work has culminated in the development of Avalanche and its subsidiary companies, and he sets the business strategy that has made Sit the Test a reality.

Kevin Yank (CTO, Product Design) is best known for his work teaching beginners the craft of web development for a decade at SitePoint, where he contributed to numerous books, articles, and podcasts on web technology. He went on to work as a member of the founding team of Learnable, SitePoint’s online video training service. Currently CTO of Avalanche Technology Group, he sets technology strategy across all Avalanche products and services. On Sit the Test, Kevin is also responsible for product design, which means creating the core vision of the product, and helping the team to deliver on that.

Louis Simoneau (Lead Developer) is a giant space hamster. He writes code for the web, mostly in Ruby/Rails and CoffeeScript/Backbone, but with a smattering of Go, Elixir, and whatever else is at hand. He’s passionate about clean, well-tested, decoupled code, and also loves other things like science fiction, hip-hop, pen-and-paper RPGs, and urbanism. On Sit the Test he’s responsible for making it all work, man!

Mario Ricalde (Frontend Developer, Designer) turns designs into working web pages, then polishes the pixels to perfection. A workaholic who loves the web, Mario is usually working on at least two major projects at any one time, and is equally comfortable in a text editor or a vector graphics tool. A constant contributor to the web development community, you’ve probably seen some of his work before and not even realised it.

Stuart Lawson (Designer) is an experienced visual designer, and is responsible for the look and feel of Sit the Test at launch. He took the feature from a set of dry bullet points and devised a design language to bring it to life with style and a refined sense of taste. He did the same for the Sit the Test logo, taking an initial rough concept and refining it to a beautiful, final version.